Santiago de Chile

My first destination in South-America was Santiago de Chile. Because I was staying here for 1,5 month there was enough time to explore the city and see things you normally wouldn’t have time for. With the Andes on the background Santiago is a city you’ll not forget. Here are the things that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Santiago.

Museo de la Memoria

I was never good at history but whenever I visit a city I do want to learn more about it’s culture and people. One of the things that you should learn about is the human rights violations that are committed by the Chilean goverment. It’s something that we have to remember and should never happen again. Museo de la Memoria tells about the military coup, the repression, the resistance movement and everything about those times. The only downside about the museum is that everything is in Spanish, but still that shouldn’t stop you from going there.


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