Despite the worst hostel of our trip (seriously don’t sleep at Hostel La Linda) Salta is another must see in Argentina. Even though the city is floated with tourists it’s worth a visit. Salta is also perfect if you want to travel further to Peru or, like we did, want to make a daytrip to the Cerro de los siete colores. I would defenitatley make a trip to Salta if you have time and visit the following places.

Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña

This museum is in the centre of Salta and learns you everything about the Inca culture. Make sure to get in line early since it’s very populair. Mainly because of the mummified bodies of three childeren that are discovered in 1999 at the peak of Llullaillaco. These childeren were burried alive when they were sacrificed by the Inca’s. Every six months the museum displays one of the three childeren. It’s hard to imagine how these childeren were sacrificed but it’s definitely fascinating and worth to dive into the Inca culture.

Funicular on Cerro Bernardo

Even if you’re afraid of hights (like me) get over your fear and take a ride in the funicular. The view at the top is amazing and there is a nice little park to walk around and relax on a good day. The funicular brings you to the top of the Cerro Bernardo hill where you can look over the city of Salta.


Cerro de los siete colores

From Salta there are various companies that offer daytrips to the Cerro de los siete colores. We just looked around and booked with a company that offered a reasonable price. They picked us up early in the morning at the hostel and drove us to Jujuy, Cafayate, Tilcara and Quebrada de Humahuaca. The landscape is amazing and it’s a great trip out of the city for a day!




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