Iguazú Falls

One or maybe the most beautiful place in the world are the Iguazú Falls. This is one thing you definitely shouldn’t miss when you’re traveling through Argentina. There are about 270 to 300 waterfalls (depending on the the water level) that produce 6.5 million litre water per second!

Puerto Iguazú

Since the Iguazú Falls are both in Argentina as in Brasil we looked which side and place was the best to stay. Since the Iguazú parc at the side of Argentina is a bit bigger we decided to stay in Puerto Iguazú. It’s not big but it has a few nice bars and it’s easy to get to the falls in Brasil as well.

Iguazu Falls National Park

From Puerto Iguazú you can catch the bus to the Iguazú Falls (just follow all the tourists). Make sure you leave on time and wear enough sunscreen. Even though we went there in July (winter) the sun was burning! Once you arrive in the parc it’s easy to find your way around. Wander around the parc and enjoy the amazing view over the falls. You have to see yourself how beautiful it is. If you’re about to eat, watch out for the wild animals running around! A coati bite me ánd stole my empanada. Luckily it was just a scratch but better be safe then sorry.


Garganta del Diablo

Cataratas do Iguaçu

The day after we visit the parc in Argentina we went to the Iguassu Falls in Brasil. You can catch the bus from Puerto Iguazú to the parc in Brasil. Make sure you have brazilian money with you or enough money in your account. There are ATM’s in front of the parc so if you have a card you can get money there. The parc itself is alot smaller but worth a visit since that’s the reason we went up to Puerto Iguazú. You can see the falls from a different side and I couldn’t get enough of the view and rainbows!



If I have the chance I would definitely visit the falls again. The entrance fee to both parcs aren’t cheap but so worth the money! So even if you’re low on money spend that cash. You’ll not be disappointed!


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