Must eat when in Argentina!

I love food. I love eating it, cooking it and even shopping for it. Whenever I’m abroad I have to go to a local supermarket just to see what they all sell. I can easily spend an hour wandering around gazing at all the different things they have. One of the things I loved so much about Argentina was the food. Fresh pasta’s, good meat, sweets and nice coffee. So make sure that when you’re in Argentina that you don’t miss out on the following snacks or restaurants.


You can get an empanada everywhere in South-America, but the ones in Argentina are my favourite. First of all they contain cheese that actually tastes like cheese (and since I’m Dutch I love my cheese). Second they have so many different fillings you can choose from: cheese, meat, corn, ham and so one. Empanada’s do taste the best when they’re fresh. So take a look first before you dive in, but make sure you don’t leave Argentina without eating an empanada (or 10 ;)).


Who doesn’t love pasta? The good thing about the pasta’s in Argentina is that they’re almost always homemade and cheap. So if you’re on a budget or for once don’t feel like eating steak, go for pasta!

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