As soon as I set foot in Argentina I loved it. The people, the different landscapes you see when you travel from north to south, the food and of course the wine. Córdoba was our second stop in Argentina. (The first one was Mendoza but because of a bus delay we could only spend a few hours there.) Even though we arrived in the rain, Córdoba showed his beauty. With lots of beautiful buildings it’s a great city to wander around for a few days. If you ever go to Córdoba I highly recommend the following places.

Muzike Hostel

When we stayed at Muzike hostel they just opened. So not everything was finished yet, but never the less the place looked great. If you like music you should definitely book this hostel. Not only because of the music but first of all because of the people who run it. The way Franco, Valentina and their family welcome you, feels like coming home. The tips they gave us, the homemade Muzike pizza, the fernet and the choripan makes this hostel for sure the best in Córdoba!


Alta Gracia

A short (and cheap) busride from Córdoba is Alta Gracia. This is the place where Che Guevara lived with his family in his early youth. They bought a house in Alta Gracia because of the clean air. As soon as you arrive here and start your walk through the town you notice how fresh the air is compared to the big cities. The former house of the family Guevara now holds the Museo Casa del “Che”. The museum tells you Che’s story and takes you through his life. If you don’t know much about Che Guevara yet or if you’re a real fan Alta Gracia is a nice place to spend a day when you’re staying in Córdoba.

Archivo de la Memoria

On our last day in Córdoba just ten minutes before closing we stumbled on the Archivo de la Memoria. Since we were leaving that evening we could only take a quick look inside. Strange enough none of the travelguides told us about this place.

The museum is a memorial for all those who suffered under Argentina’s military dictatorship. It’s an impressive space that was formerly used as a clandestine center for detention and torture. Archivo de la Memoria is (of course) not a happy place to visit, but the museum is a reminder of a time that shouldn’t be forgotten.




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