Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the city of the tango, the widest avenue in the world, Maradona, Evita Perón and one of the city I would love to live in. It was big and hectic but great. So great that five days was too short and hopefully we will return to this great city. Everyone that heads over to Buenos Aires should definitely visit the following places.

Petit Hotel El Vitraux

After spending our first few nights in a big hotel with our own shower we decided to look for a cheaper place to stay. Although the breakfast in the hotel was huge we’re so glad we found Petit Hotel El Vitraux and recommend it to everyone that goes to Buenos Aires. Mike and Elena did such a great job with this little hotel. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, the breakfast is good and their hospitality makes you want to stay even longer. We felt so welcome and at home. Mike and Elena gave us a different perspective on Buenos Aires and Argentina, helped us getting around by bus and took the time to answer all our questions. It’s nice to meet two people who saw the world and share a strong passion for travelling. So if you go to Buenos Aires and you don’t feel like staying in a hostel or spending lot’s of money go to Petit Hotel El Vitraux!

Casa Rosada

Casa Rosada is the office from the president of Argentina. It’s a large impressive pink building at the end of Plaza de Mayo. Every hour you can see changing of the guards in front of the palace. In the weekend there’s a possibility to see Casa Rosada from the inside. We were lucky that we were in Buenos Aires for the weekend so took a tour on sunday. There is a line to get in Casa Rosada so make sure you get up early (even if it’s a cold sunday). We didn’t had to wait long, because we were early and probaly because it was cold so everyone was still in bed. Once you’re inside you do have to ask for the English tour. At first there was panic to find a guide that could speak English but in the end the girl did fine.


San Telmo Sunday Market

After the tour at Casa Rosada we went straight to the San Telmo Sunday Market. It’s just a few blocks away so perfect to combine. You can find all kinds of antiques, souvenirs, food, artist, music and of course tourists at the market. Strolling around the market on a sunday is a great way to spend the day!


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